My name is Ramon and let me tell you a bit about me.

My path has been quite irregular and turns have always come along the way. Happily some years ago I decided to cut short and take a path that would allow me to join all my interests into one sack.

If one thing is for sure is that I have always been interested in solving the world’s problems, even to the extreme of forgetting to solve my very own. My first contact with ecology was with the hikes to the mountains with my family. Then, the shock of reading Jacques Cousteau’s foundation prediction about the year 2000 s state of the world , created a sense of alarm in me regarding the endangerment of our beautiful nature.

Being a natural born problem solver I dwelt into many subjects, but decided to engage in a Bsc. in Molecular Biology, which i finished finding that science had been sold to the highest bidder. After this cold shower of sad truth I lost my interest in academical pursuits. I let myself drift from crappy job to even shittier ones.

Getting out of the comfort zone is inherently uncomfortable. I did so to the extreme of ending up living in the street for a while. This essentially taught me a lot about compassion and it has a powerful healing effect. You certainly cant expect to look at homelessness in the same way after experiencing poverty in your own skin.

I look at the sky and I say to myself: What a wonderful world?

I used to love Louis Armstrong’s song and I still love it, but I never really believed it completely, yet, its certainly worthwhile living for a better world based on compassion and truth.

But how can we make this a better world nowadays when everything seems so corrupt and manipulated by the oligarchy?


If something defines me is the term “Jack of all trades” if I may say, which has certainly a negative connotation. Many rolling stones find themselves in this category. I certainly experienced the hobo lifestyle , from living in my car, to squatting abandoned buildings and eating from the dumpsters.

Happily today I have a clear vision of my life’s goals and all those years of finding my way gave me some nifty teachings I can use now to help improve this little world we inherited and which commonly we term The Earth.

My expertise is the result of a little bit of techie knowledge, combined with a pinch of artistry and a thread of diplomacy , and other secret ingredients. Voila! I have something new maybe not yet seen and that could eventually generate a big tsunami of positive and impact in the world. Something i certainly wish for with all my heart.

I dream of a world free from money driven corporations and from corrupt politicians, where citizens are united to a common selfless goal of living in harmony with nature and the Spirit.

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