Biohacking PCR to detect covid19 at home

Biohacking PCR to detect covid19 at home

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PCR tests to detect COVID-19 at home. How the WHO has used chromosome 8 primers in their PCR kits and given fake positives all around the world

The Biohackers network has created an open source PCB test kit that costs less than 400$ dollars and can help anyone detect the COVID-19 RNA anywhere in the world and even share data via an app to gather statistics

We are iving rough times for everyone . People are diying and we are facing a great economic depression and a destruction of our social liberties like we have never seen before.

The World Health Organization declared a pandemic on the basis of the appearance of cases related to an apparent new strain of Coronavirus. The procedure that it has recommended for the detection of this virus is the use of PCR Polymerase Chain reaction.

This tehcnique has been olny availabel to high tech biotecechnology labs , as it costs thousands of dollars to have a machine capable of suequenicing tiny chains of DNA.

Happyly we can now do it in samll labs with little money thanks to this open source project.

Why do I think this is great? Because I personally think that the PCR test is not and should not be recommended for detection of viruses at all, specially since the primer sequences that are being used are not specific of the SARS COV viruses.
It’s interesting to note that the sequence for the primer is publicly viewable on the WHO site. The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence, but guess what: this sequence is also present in humans chromosome 8. Double check it here

You may have heard John Magufuli, Tanaznian president make the claim that the pcr kit tests that were imported to AFrica, tested positive for coronavirus , even when the sample used came from a goat and pawpaw.

There is something sketchy in this whole pandemic. I will develop on this on another article as I find its important that we don’t trust too much the World Health Organization and its funding partners. They are all linked to big pharma and there is a huge conflict of interest here, not only economical, but also political.

The cheap tests developed by the Japanese Biohacker are good news, because now we won’t depend on anyone else to make our tests locally without conflict of interest from corrupt organizations.

When I got my B.Sc. in Molecular Biology, my aim was to help humanity live in a more ecological and green planet, and heal ourselves from many illnesses.
Then a guy from Monsanto approached us as he was recruiting, but something in my intuition told me this company was not right.

I did my reseachr and found out who creepy and corrupt this compamy was.

Today I find out this company and tis new owner Bayer are with singenta and celera , developing new DNA vaccines to stop this pandemic.

I would not give a dime on these companies and certainly would not put my health or my family into their hands.

I want to thank Peace of Mindful blog for doing this small but very important world of research, Read more at:

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