Bioplastic Youth

Bioplastic Youth

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The time has come to be rebels to save the Earth.

Greta Thunberg has taught us what can be achieved. We are his allies.


A month or so ago, on March 15, there was a big demonstration in Barcelona on the occasion of #FridaysForClimate. That day I took the opportunity to collect email addresses from many young people who want to do something for our planet Earth, which is on the verge of ecological collapse.

It is clear that if we do not slow down climate change in a short time it is possible that the consequences such as deglaciation, the melting of polar ice caps, are irreversible and future generations, our children and grandchildren, do not forgive us for our lack of action.

Governments must stop thinking about economic gain over respect for the environment, however, we can not wait for corruption in politics to come to an end, which is difficult to be soon.

It is for this reason that I had the idea to launch the “BioPlastic Youth Squads” to have a direct action in the change from the use of non-biodegradable plastics to biodegradable bioplastics made from 100% biodegradable plant materials.

For more than 30 years, there are many companies and universities that have investigated the use of biopolymers to make packaging, packaging, utensils and everything that uses plastic.

30 years later, we still have an industry that uses pastures toxic to the environment and health and that end up in seas, rivers and mountains, killing fish, birds, mammals, and contaminated our food.

Why do governments continue to allow the use of non-biodegradable plastics?

The reality is that the governments obey the lord money, and the hydrocarbons sector move trillions of euros a year, and spend many millions in lobbying, that is to say campaigns of influence to bribe and buy the institutions and use them in their favor.

They have also been busy buying the companies that developed bioplastics to take them out of the market and not have the obvious competition they cause them.

What can you do against these titans?

You can be David against Goliath, if you’re like Greta Thunberg, but you do not have to be like her. Each one is as it is. The simplest thing is to join the BioPlastic Youth Squads (BYS) or Youth Bioplastic Brigades (BBJ) in your area.

What do the BBJ do?

The idea is simple. Bioplastics, due to what I have explained, are not cheap, because the global market does not allow it, and they do not receive enough support from institutions, governments and the market.

That is why we have to help the sector to have bioplastics in our city. For this we have to convince the owners of the stores to start replacing the products they sell by alternatives based on bioplastic.

The way to do it is by presenting them the possibility of making joint purchases of bioplastics with more shops in the area. In this way they can buy bioplastic at the lowest cost.

Initially, it is about replacing the largest number of single-use plastics with alternatives already available.

Little by little, as the sector gains more strength thanks to the generated demand, we can go proposing other alternatives that will appear.

Spiral action

Instead of going to the big stores, we will start with the small ones, because these are the ones with the greatest capacity for quick action. The big ones tend to have more administrative obstacles and take longer to make changes.

So we will apply a spiral model, from the small to the largest. When large companies see social networks, television, we are making this change, they themselves will make the change.

This is always the case, large companies do not usually want to stay behind and often imitate small businesses after they see the positive results that these changes bring them.

To join the movement you just have to sign up with the form.

We will organize everything online, working as a team.

The BBJ will be made up of 5 motivated young people from the same area or zip code who will be organized to stay in their area and go to visit the shops that we put on the list of potentials.

The list will be available online as a shared document among all.

When they visit the shop or trade, they will explain them following the script that we will develop together to explain the options they have, the advantages they will have and collect the necessary information about the trade.

We will collect everything in that document to monitor the progress of our campaigns.

This model is simple and effective and will allow us to accelerate the change we want to see in the world.

We just have to believe it and we will achieve it! Click here to register for the BBJ.

If it resonates to you, you only have to share it with your contacts and in social networks, in order to increase our strength as movement.

We are united with the movement #FridaysForFuture ,, #ExtinctionR, #jovenesporelclima #fridaysforclimate # 15MClimático, #YouthForClimate #ActOnClimate #SaveOurPlanet

All and all together we will achieve it if we act now!

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