How to Fight Plastic Waste Globally

The panorama of today regarding plastic pollution looks quite negative when looking at the state of the planet in particular the ocean floor and the vast amount of plastic garbage piling at the bottom or floating around between the waves killing…


Bioplastic Youth

The time has come to be rebels to save the Earth. Greta Thunberg has taught us what can be achieved. We are his allies. FridaysForClimate A month or so ago, on March 15, there was a big demonstration in Barcelona on…


You can too like Greta Thunberg save the planet

Its clear, that adults we are more involved in solving the issues that we have been generating in our lives, than dealing with future problems that kids will inherit . Greta Thunberg and the #fridaysForFuture showed us that this needs to change. If we join all together to stop climate change and all the other issues we have been generating for a century now, we still have a chance.


Nude shopping will boost sales

Sales of some vegetables have soared by up to 300 percent following moves by a number of New Zealand supermarkets to ditch plastic packaging. A group of New World supermarkets have abandoned the use of plastic wrapping for virtually all of…


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