How to be a successful entrepreneur

Because the amount of money you possess is not the measure of your success. A change in paradigm. Are you a success longing man or woman? If so, then you are probably inheriting the old paradigmof success. The paradigm of your parents and grand parentswho were taught that a successful individual is that of a…


How to Fight Plastic Waste Globally

The panorama of today regarding plastic pollution looks quite negative when looking at the state of the planet in particular the ocean floor and the vast amount of plastic garbage piling at the bottom or floating around between the waves killing animals and contaminating our food supply. Governments are not acting fast enough, as we…


The Positive Impact Movement

Last year I joined a community called The positive impact movement aka Pimov. This movement aims at joining together great people who have a common shared goal: to make a better world. Jeannette Meyer, the founder and inspirator of the movement had the idea when she was in India and saw that many #pimakers could…


You can now save the planet from your doorstep with the loop

Not so long ago, the milkman delivered reusable bottles and later picked them up to be refilled. Loop is the milkman reimagined - honoring our past from a modern perspective. Loop is a new subscription service aiming to phase out single-use plastics. The program, first rolling out in US and France, will provide high-quality, durable…


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