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Out of your comfort zone and out of the box

Hum, a conscious businesses hub?

A conscious hub is a new way of joining forces among different companies, organizations and institutions which desire to approach social positive impact in a truly holistic way.
A holistic approach towards social welfare needs to integrate true spiritual values independent of any religious , political or ideological affiliation.
The basic values of integrity, transparency and honesty are universal and generally enough to sustain other ones to reach a broader spectrum of activities in society.

The need for truly conscious hubs is crucial nowadays as there are continuous attempts from many corporations and companies of disguising their names behind socially conscious.

Terms such as CSR, ESG, Sustaniable goals are sadly a big cover to hide their unethical operations even if there is always a good side to it.

This is why in order to join our conscious hub, candidates need to pass strict filters at the integration phase and be subject to yearly audits to benefit from a hub membership.

Sustainable vs regenerative goals

First off, let’s be honest: when we look at the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it’s pretty clear that only a handful of companies fully align with them. These goals are lofty and, let’s face it, a bit idealistic.

Happily it seems that the world has achieved some kind of consensus in what areas need to be improved by defining these 17 sustainable development goals. There is great need for this joint effort and walk to a common objective .

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Can we really expect major corporations, with their sprawling investments and subsidiaries, to wholeheartedly pursue these goals while still boosting profits for their shareholders?

I’m skeptical. That’s why we need to address these goals more effectively and holistically.

The goal of the Socially Conscious Business Hub is to help you as an entrepreneur or a conscious professional create better synergies faster than in the traditional manner to reach these goals and beyond.

Okay Ramon, but how?

To understand how we need to look at life’s origin ( yes really ) and realize that life isn’t tied to any single way of thinking of any particular civilization. For me, that’s the beauty of it. All civilizations have been tied to religious beliefs and while religions claim a single God created everything, they can’t really explain which deity created their gods, although they tend to claim theirs is the creator.

On the other hand, the official science establishment says nothing that may sound too religious, but at the same time they claim we live in parallel universes interweaving at quantum level. Who is religious now?

Such debates only lead to disagreements which as history teaches , lead to wars and genocides. To be holistic, we need common ground not only of course in religious beliefs, but also in all types of beliefs, as beliefs shape thinking and thinking shapes decisions which in turn shape civilization and our lives and those of our loved ones.,

Beliefs are important, so important that I dare say everything is a belief.

Take a small sea urchin that beliefs its spikes will protect it from predators, to the astronaut that is sure his oxygen level is accurate while doing a spake walk on the International space station.

Wise individuals across civilizations have identified universal patterns, transcending creed and society, which in turn have generated beliefs systems. Any sentient and think-capable organism is interacting with the world based on firm beliefs.

Doubt -not this very belief, which put simply, states that everything one does is based on a subconscious belief!

All natural events are patterns of the universe that follow a particular order, from which life emerges.

By following this order, we align with whatever mystery underpins creation, leading towards harmony. Follow them not, and disharmony will appear in any given situation. Harmony helps solving any problem, understanding it allows us to replicate it.

Consider a drop of water. It seems insignificant at first glance. But look deeper. Advanced microscopy reveals water’s complexity. Similarly, life depends on elements like carbon, oxygen, and various metals working in concert in harmony.

But what about people, are we that different from our internal molecules or is there a scalable relationship?

There’s something inherently natural about counting from 1 to 9.

Humanity universally uses numbers, though they’re written differently across cultures.

The natural numbers feel intuitive because, after all, we have ten fingers and we can relate to counting them. Actually that is one of the first thing one learns when learning to count. Zero, however, is the odd one out, with its own complexities in mathematics, so lets leave it out for the time being.

Nature’s patterns, transcending all cultures and beliefs, are the true cornerstones of our world—a universal language. Numbers are related to frequencies, to sounds and music, to energy and work. Orthodox university study degrees don’t like this esoteric talk. Why? Is there some fear or is it the same reasons that led to the Church burning Miguel Servet alive? After all, his views were the esoteric ones at the time, not the assumption that the Earth was the center of the universe!

The deep understanding of such patterns is to me a great step towards helping us to achieve sustainable and just global society.

After earning my degree in Molecular Biology in Brussels, I wasn’t sure of my path. Like many biologists, the field’s vastness was daunting, built on the work of scientific pioneers.

Astrology might sound like nonsense to the scientifically inclined, but for some, it’s worth considering.

As i mentioned. Miguel Servet, who, defying the Catholic Inquisition, discovered human organs, to face execution later on. This spurred others to challenge religious doctrines and advance medical science, but still in the current days, the biological field is failing to look into the esoteric mysteries of the patterns of life.

Ironically, while the Church threatened dissenters with severe punishment, they also restricted astrological knowledge to royalty, who used it for significant events. Today, we accept the Earth orbits the Sun, but suggesting a scientific basis for astrology is taboo. We are not so different from those “dark ages” even if we think we live in the cusp of scientific discovery, as still to this day, the debate around esoteric sciences is taboo and let only to secondary media to disseminate, often vulgarized in such a manner that it dissolves any of its rigorous seriousness

Astrology faces harsh criticism; mentioning it in scientific circles invites ridicule similar to what Servet endured. This institutional suppression of debate hints at hidden reasons perhaps , as knowledge has been kept secret for centuries and still is, not only in the private libraries of the Vatican , but in government sealed archives.

When institutions fervently push against a field of study, it’s worth questioning their motives. This is the case with esoteric studies.


Synergy by definition is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

And how does that synergy actually come to be ? Well, to sum it all up , its energy, a very broad and simplifying way of defining it, but an efficient one nonetheless.

The aim of any group of individuals is to reach synergy, the rest follows. Once synergy is reached , and while it lasts, great accomplishments can be made.

The problem is that finding the adequate people for a project can be difficult and doing it quickly even more difficult.

How does all have to do with a socially conscious business hub you may ask?

How can astrology and esoteric sciences help you to achieve your projects results faster?

This is coming soon as I am developing an online tool that can help you with that . Its under development, to know when it will be ready for you to try out for free, please join the Hub today.

  • Access to a synergistic catalyzing automated tools to help you achieve better results faster and more efficiently.
  • A Conscious hub membership shows that a company is universally ethical and operates in a truly conscious manner in all of its activities .
  • Earns your company the Conscious Company label by receiving it by a hub members voting system. Thus making sure that your company stays conscious on the long run.

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But. by using ancient knowledge that in the past was only reserved to kings and queens, and forbidden to the masses, you could find the right people to achieve synergy very fast,