Conscious businesses hub

What is a conscious hub?

A conscious hub is a new way of joining forces among different companies, organizations and institutions which desire to approach social positive impact in a truly holistic way.
A holistic approach towards social welfare needs to integrate true spiritual values independent of any religious , political or ideological affiliation.
The basic values of integrity, transparency and honesty are universal and generally enough to sustain other ones to reach a broader spectrum of activities in society.
A Conscious hub membership shows that a company is universally ethical and operates in a truly conscious manner in all of its activities .

The need for truly conscious hubs is crucial nowadays as there are continuous attempts from many corporations and companies of disguising their names behind socially conscious.

Terms such as CSR, ESG, Sustaniable goals are sadly a big cover to hide their unethical operations even if there is always a good side to it.

This is why in order to join our conscious hub, candidates need to pass strict filters at the integration phase and be subject to yearly audits to benefit from a hub membership.


Being a member of our conscious hub gives your company or corporation big benefits. The first one is getting our conscious company label (CC)

This label will give your organization an increase of credibility in front of customers and stakeholders who are really consciously worried about the increasing corporate whitewashing the world is experiencing.


Happily it seems that the world has achieved some kind of consensus in what areas need to be improved by defining these 17 sustainable development goals. There is great need for this joint effort and walk to a common objective .

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First of all , by looking at the 17 United Nations sustainable goals we can be pretty sure there are very few companies who are actually aligned with them 100%. The goals are very ambitious and therefore very idealistic .

Can we really be sure that big corporations which own thousands of companies and investments will seriously satisfy these goals while keeping their profits grow for their investors?

We don’t think so. This is why the need to tackle these goals in a more efficient and holistic manner. But, how?


The origin of life is not the creation of any particular civilization, this is the beauty of it. While religions claim there is one God that created all, they fail to answer the simple question of which other God created their Gods. Debating such questions will only bring disagreements and thus to be holistic we must find common grounds.

Wise people of all civilizations have discovered patterns present in all things no matter their credo or societal attachments.

These natural events and patterns present in the universe follow a particular order from which life simply happens.

When we respect that order , we are sure to be in alignment which whatever mystery is at the origins of creation and then we reach harmony.

Harmony is the key to solving any problem , but where does it come from?

Just take a look at a drop of water , what do you see? Probably nothing much. But you need to look deeper. Until the appearance of advanced microscopy we were not able to see water at the deepest of scales. Today we can .

But water is not the only important aspect of life as we know it. There is also carbon, oxygen and other metals which working together sustain all of life. On our planet at least.

There are also a set of numbers used by all humanity , even if they can be written differently from culture to culture.

There is a natural thing about counting from 1 to 9

The natural numbers are called this way just because it feels natural to use them to count with them. After all we have 10 fingers . The number 0 is the strangest of it all. Mathematics know how much complex it can get .

We can continue looking at the patterns present in nature and that transcend all cultures and credos. They are the true binding stones of our world and therefore are an authentic universal language.

To be holistic and neutral they are the perfect tools to help us join forces and reach a true sustainable and fair globalized society.


Where terms like astrology will necessarily sound like mumbo-jumbo to most with scientific background , to some like me are fields that worthy of consideration.

When I finished my college degree on Molecular Biology in Brussels I was never really sure of what i was embarking in. Like many other biologists , the field is huge, and most of the knowledge we have in Biology comes from experiments led by the martyrs of the science.

Such was the case of Miguel Servet, who against the will of the Catholic Inquisition dared to open the human body and find that there were actual organs there holding our human and animal lives in one place. This led to many other medical professionals to indulge in the dangerous science of going against the main status quo and question the dicta-men of religion.

This is so ironic! On one hand we had the Church menacing anyone who dared defy their definition of the Universe with execution in the most painful ways, and at the same time forbidding any astrologer to share that knowledge with the masses. Only the kings had the right to any valuable knowledge like astrology. They used it to prepare for any important event . Today nobody will debate the Earth is turning around the Sun and not the contrary , but even to debate the possibility that there is a scientific explanation to astrology is out of the question.

Today astrology has bad propaganda that if you ever dare to mention it in a scientist environment you will face similar ordeals to those people like Servet suffered in his life . One must look with suspicious eyes at any bad propaganda against any field of study so vigorously pushed forward by the institutions. The suppression of any debate is clearly proof of an intent to hide some truth.


  1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”the synergy between artist and record company”

And how does that synergy actually come to be ? Well, to sum it all up , its energy, a very broad and simplifying way of defining it, but an efficient one nonetheless and that helps us to go to the next point.

The aim of any group of individuals is to reach synergy, the rest follows. Once synergy is reached , and while it lasts, great accomplishments can be made.

The problem is that finding the RIGHT people is hard and doing it quickly even HARDER.

Therefore by using knowledge that in the past was only reserved to kings and queens, and forbidden to the masses, you can find the right people to achieve synergy in an easy and almost automatic way, without moving from your home and with very little effort and time involved.

2+2= 4 simple math to anyone, but is (a+bi)+(c+di)=(a+c)+(b+d)i simple too?

The same difference in complexity can apply to astrology as one can know he or her zodiacal sign and be attracted to believe what the gossip magazines weekly predictions tell, which is similar as to knowing the first math formula.

Of course if he or she goes deeper really to know more they need to reach a level of understanding for the second formula.

Really, what you read in a gossip mag is not even the tip of the iceberg in what comes to astrology.