The friendly search engine that plants trees.

Ecosia is a nifty search engine was designed with ecology in mind and claims having planted 160 million trees on this date [datetoday]. The company was founded

Volunteers for The Jane Goddall Foundation in Uganda preserving the forest corridor planted with Ecosia donated funds

The Founder Christian Kroll , started this company after he visited India and Asia.It was during his stay in Nepal that he had the idea to start a local search engine that would help to generate revenue for the local NGO projects . With only 4 hours of electricity per day . After having to leave this idea on hold, he moved to Argentina , where he learnt about reforestation in the rainforest. After reading a book from Thomas L. Freidman titled “Hot, Flat and Crowded”, he learnt about the relationship between Globalization and climate change . It was in 2009 that his idea of Ecosia was born and moved to Berlin where he joined his forces with Tim Schumacher .


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