How to be a successful entrepreneur

How to be a successful entrepreneur

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Because the amount of money you possess is not the measure of your success. A change in paradigm.

Are you a success longing man or woman?

If so, then you are probably inheriting the old paradigm
of success. The paradigm of your parents and grand parents
who were taught that a successful individual is that of a person
who has a lot of money and who can buy anything.

You have probably watched their videos, read their books. So did I.

I was looking for that kind of success, to become the next Bill gates,Warren buffet, Steve Jobs, LarRy ellison,. etc
Then there came Elon Musk, and people like him , who inspired
the Millenial generation to seek social impacting amd disrupt society
to become millionaires along the way.

What if I told you that those definitions of success are profoundly wrong
and outdated?

You would probably not believe me, and think I am just some extravagant
hippie, because my idea does not fit with your definition of success.

Allow me to explain , just as I would allow you to explain yourself.

Take a look at the platform LinkedIn which is nowadays seen as THE platform where millions of professionals connect and make business with each other. No serious professional nowadays would dare not to have a LinkedIn profile, because it is there where you can find all the public info about people and businesses in the world and offer their services to you and vice versa.

LinkedIn started small, and the founders are now super rich. Seems like a perfect success story, one that would satisfy not only my generations X expectations , but also those of the Milenials, who are out there to make an impact., and looking at LinkedIn , it really made a big one, just like Facebook, or Twitter.

But don’t get me wrong, somehow something is not quite fit in all of this. This company now owns the profiles of all the people who depend on its platform to find a job, and clients, to make their money.

From small individually owned companies to big corporations, they are all there to use the contact connection features it provides.

Sounds great, doest it? It does! It gives the owners of the platform a lot of power! Wait but ,what if suddenly the world is facing a situation like the current covid19 pandemic, and suddenly you are not allowed to say anything against the official mainstream media and government view of the problem?

Well, in a freedom of speech society you would not risk anything, as you would have the freedom to say whatever you like as long as you respect the platforms community guidelines, which are mostly based on common sense.. But, suddenly , the government forces Linkedin to censor any point of view that goes against theirs, for “security” reasons. You now risk of having your profile and page on LinkedIn removed, because the board of directors are still subject to censorship and the orders of their government.

-“Nah,this can’t happen, we live in a democracy! “- Well, it seems this is what is now happening.

This is what happened precisely to Brian Rose, the owner and main figure of his Business called “The London Real” because he published an interview to the controversial worldwide known writer and speaker David Icke, whose theories of conspiracy are not at all well regarded by the systems establishment.

This establishment orderer LinkedIn and YouTube , to remove the content of the whole channel without previous warning, and let Brian Rose in a situation where he could not reach his subscribers who willingly were following the channel and all his interviews.

Now, maybe if his interviews were promoting hate or anything against the common rules , then it would be fair to censor it, as not respecting the terms of use, but the worrying problem is that they did not, they are all in respect of the policies, but not of the establishment of the one percent elite who literally owns the world with their big corporations.

Then, in the light of this event, can we still say that LinkedIn is a true success story? Can we say the same for other platforms like Facebook and YouTube whic so blatantly are erasing a fundamental human right called freedom of speech and of opinion, as they are also following the censorship campaing against dissent perpetrated from obscure meeings between our governmentws and corporations?

Now, yes I know, that you are probably thinking that well, in some cases, freedom of speech needs to be limited for the good of all society. But think twice , who decides what is good and what is wrong for society? Is it each reader, viewer, subscriber or is it one governmental, organisation who deems to have the right to decide what’s moral and what not on behalf of everyone ?

Just see that the Spanish inquisition, or the South African apartheid regime or Nazi Germany , and all of the moments in our history, where one regime decided what had to be considered right and what wrong.

Sadly, we are now facing a very similar situation, not an exaggeration.

Do you consider then that Hitler was a successful man ? Because he reached enormous power indeed. Do you consider Mao Tse Tung alsto to have been a successful person, just because he succeeded to impose communism in China and become the most popular person there?

Should we allow the goal to be a justification of the means to that goal , or would we need to abide to “human ethics and human rights” in order to truly reach human success?

Now, think of Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and many others who fought with their lives to help millions selflessly., without looking to gain millions of dollars in reward.
Do you think these people were successful, even if most of them were detained , tortured and even assassinated?

I hope you get my point, we have to be very careful when they give us the examples to follow. Irecomend you to use a magnifying glass on what people say about what success is.

The new paradigm of success.

The new paradigm of success is one where you no longer crave for money and power, but you crave to make a positive impact in the world, in order to do as much good as you may possibly can to as many people as possible, respecting their civil and human rights and empowering them to do the same.

In this paradigm how would you disrupt what already has been made but with the new paradigm in mind?

For example, in the case of LinkedIn and other social platforms I can imagine a new way to socialise digitally in which we are not censored and have our freedom of speech removed by a centralised power .
This could be achieved by using the power of blockchain technology . This technology can decentralise such a platform so that it does not belong to any company or corporation to decide what is to be published, but by the users themselves.

Linux , or how to get paid doing good stuff

Who is Linus torvalds? He is the man who created the Linux operating system, the first open source and collaborative operating system, for which he was never paid, and the best of it is that he started it as a side project.

Now Linus is a millionaire when it was not even his aim at all. How did he get there? Because he got so many donations from people who wanted to see his project come to live, that he never had to deal with problems with the money! Because he is such an expert on the system he can literally earn hundreds of thousands just in consultancy. /

For me he is clearly a true successful human who started his dream of creating a better operating system, one that was free to use and trasnparent, as opposed as Windows or Apple.

His operating system is now seen as the best operating system in history, and beats Microsoft Windows by miles in terms of flexibility efficiency, and security. Also, know that Android and IOS are both based in Linux.

Why did Apple and Google not choose windows? Because tech pros know how bad Windows is , but for the common user who doesn’t know a thing about computers, it is good enough.

If Bill gates is the second richest operon on the planet, is because most people don’t have a clue about computer operating systems, and because he got help from the government, because weather you like it or not, windows is spying on you , and the NSA loves this.

You see now that it is possible to be a millionaire doing a good deed for your society, without detroying anyones lives , environment, or helping greedy individuals get ritcher at someone[s expense?

So what is success?

Success is not the measure of how much money you can make , or how big your business becomes. Success is how much good you can make to help the world become a more humane place to live.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you don’t need to aim at becoming ritch at all, what you need is to define yourself as a person who provides an ethical service to the world and to nature.

Any other definition of successful entrepreneurship is actually one of failure, failure to become a good human being, and that is the true goal of life.

Are you up to be the next Linus Torwards, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Fr Kennedy. david Attenborough and people like them?

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