How to ethically create a recurring income from cryptocurrency today

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Do you want to make money even if markets crash and create passive income from cryptocurrency? Of course, everyone will answer yes to this question, but from the ethical side, can we say it’s possible?

Learn how I am making passive income every day from cryptocurrency from my anywhere in the world, and with very little effort and totally ethically.

Why invest in cryptocurrency and is it ethical?

Let’s be honest, no money is truly 100% ethical.But our ethics can make any money in our hands more ethical. Now, I dont recommend selling anything that would go against the Code of ethics of the conscious entrepreneur.

Cryptocurrencies like any currency are not by themselves ethical or unethical, it all depends on how you obtain them. In this case, I am recommending a way to obtain them from low risk trading operations, where no one really knows who is investing, so there is no knowledge of the absolute origin of the cryptos.

This is always in the blockchain world the common rule, and unless you have a lot of time and money to invest in investigating the provenance of all the crypto that you earn, you can’t really know where the crypto are coming from.

I have been interested in cryptocurrency since its appearance in 2009, when most finance institutions were talking negatively about it. The reason was that the appearance of a decentralized financial system posed a great danger to their monopoly and then made bad press about the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The answer, as I mentioned before is that it depends on where the money comes from but most of all where the money earned goes to. Here is the key if you worry too much about the origin of the money you hold in your hands, dig too deep to find no ethical money anywhere.

I would have to accept economic austerity as a way of life if I dug to the bottom. After all, war is mostly what gave us the money we built upon in rich countries. Since I know money cannot be traced back to its origins 100% I prefer to stay superficial and just concentrate on what I will make with the money to help the world.

The ecological impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The Blockchain that powers cryptocurrencies does require electricity to power the network, but the power production is transitioning towards renewable sources and hopefully in the near future, all the power used by the crypto mining servers will be obtained from renewable no fossil sources.

Blockchain could also help renewable energy companies thrive as Forbes indicates in this article from the production of smart energy grids that allow to share green electricity in cryptocurrency mining data centres, to other applications that help these companies sell their clean electricity to more people as the European Commission indicates here.

Cryptocurrencies don’t need a bank

I do believe that cryptocurrency is a good way of giving financial control back to average people, democratizing the economy to an extent never seen before in history.

The Blockchain allows us to hold funds securely offline in a simple USB key, a hard drive, and even on paper, therefore freeing us from going through banks and cut them from investing our money as they please without our knowledge of the destination of our funds.

It is true that cryptocurrencies have a reputation for being very risky assets due to their volatility. Nevertheless, many investors have started to buy Bitcoin which has already a 10-year trajectory. Let’s remark that its fluctuation is nowadays similar to that of Golds. In this aspect, the older cryptocurrencies will achieve more stability in the future, but they are still risky assets, as their value could drop suddenly.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money

As a result, the crypto world is attracting more and more investment from common investors as well as small private investors. It’s not up till the last 2 years that people like you and me have started to see the opportunity to gain profit like a pro using new platforms.

Let’s be wary, I do not recommend to trade cryptocurrency without having an expert eye on the matter, or getting into any platform that promises you great returns with little risk. Thankfully there is an alternative to this, but read on to find out more.

Another cool thing about cryptocurrencies is that unlike common FIAT currencies like the Dollar, they do not depend on central banks. Central banks are responsible for the currency regulations and for cash printing.

Volume in global crypto capitalization.

In the context of the “new normality” in a post COVID-19 pandemic world, the cashless trend will surely gain strength which would eventually mean no more cash and no more FIAT currencies, and the tilt towards cryptocurrencies. This would without any doubt lead important investors towards cryptocurrencies specially Bitcoin, making the price go over the 10k ceiling sooner than we think .

Just check the above BitInfoCharts diagram to see the volumes now being exchanged every day. You can observe they are rising , and this time they are not going down.

Take also a look into all the cryptocurrencies nowadays being traded in the table below. You can click on any of them to find out more.

Let’s be honest, when computers appeared in the 70s nobody believed that a computer could fit inside a phone. The same was said about the Bitcoin back in 2009, but now even the central banks are thinking of launching their own cryptocurrency, You can see in the upper table how many cryptocurrencies are now in circulation in the blockchain and how many more are being created as we speak.

Investing in any currency or day trading stock , whether in the Forex markets or crypto is risky and you need to be very knowledgable to prevent reckless gambling

Holding you money in your bank is not as secure as you may think. Most banks offer insurances up to 100k euros in the European Economic Space. In the eventuality of a devaluation of the currency you are not completely safe from losing a lot of value.

A new ethical way to hold money and make income from cryptocurrency

There is a new and exciting alternative that offers the security to profit from all the cryptocurrency revolution but running the less risk possible I personally use it to ethically earn an extra passive income from cryptocurrency , and I don’t need to be a crypto expert.

First its secure, and reliable and Its standing up to its promise.

This is a truly profitable and exciting opportunity of making extra passive income from cryptocurrency. It does not require to sell any physical products, and therefore it does’ not require of transportation.

It allows anyone to earn passive income from a sustainable multilevel network of 10 levels and have an organization without needing to create a company or investing big capital.

This gives the chance to earn from your network even as you sleep and you don’t need to be a maths or computer genius.

You can really earn from 100 to 1000 dollars per week with very little effort and dedication. But if you want to earn more you will need more dedication.

Is it a pyramid sccheme?

One would think this is a pyramid or also called Ponzi scheme. I had my doubts as well, but it appears it is not, The company does not allow anyone to earn income passively without making an effort of referring people. You earn more if you refer more people, and the platform retributes more percentage form the first levels of referral, thus, the person who referred you does not earn as much percentage from those first levels.

How it works

This platform uses arbitrage and AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) to automate the tedious arbitrage trading processes. Arbitrage is a trading strategy that consists in buying assets in one crypto market and then selling them in another very quickly.

This is very hard to do by yourself and would require you to analyse all the markets in real-time making superhuman speed buy and sell operations.

Just read what a common trader says about his trading strategy:

Often, I will monitor BTC in several markets in another tab to see the BTC 1 Minute interval pricing in other parts of the world. For instance, I may monitor BTC price action in the UK early in the day or watch JPN late in the afternoon. I may catch the BTC UK price moves as the Brits are waking up or when they getting off work.” Source

This trader is considering the act of arbitraging, which is not a new strategy at all, but it has never been done before on the Cryptocurrency to FIAT sphere. Mind Capital is the first platform in the world to offer this to anyone in an automated way.

How to register

If you don’t have any doubts and you really want to ethically create a recurring income from cryptocurrency today just click the following banner and open your free Mind Capital account. Yes the company is called Mind capital. and the registration is free.

Once you register you can access the docs area and read more about it, and even see the different options it offers. The platform is quite simple and straightforward, but at the beginning it may seem a bit complicated. You don’t need to worry, as I will try to solve any doubt you may have.

After you register , in order to start to make profit you need to invest a minimum capital of 40 USD. This is the starting amount, and you can expect to make between 0.8 to 0.9 percent profit daily.

The platform also offers an exchange area, where you can trade your earned bitcoins, but this is more risky and is better to do it only after getting some training.

You can then start referring the platform by following the 3-step method : Share the opportunity, follow up and clear doubts.

Also, I want to tell you that by joining my network, you are also getting a secret way to increment your efficiency and get more referrals and even trade with better returns.

If you would like to make a consultation before making your decision, just get in touch with me by filling up this form to get in touch with me and arrange a quick call

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