How to Fight Plastic Waste Globally

How to Fight Plastic Waste Globally

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The panorama of today regarding plastic pollution looks quite negative when looking at the state of the planet in particular the ocean floor and the vast amount of plastic garbage piling at the bottom or floating around between the waves killing animals and contaminating our food supply.

Governments are not acting fast enough, as we know, because they are sold to the very companies that produce the plastic polluting our planet.

In order to tackle this huge problem when need to direct all our efforts Globally.

  1. Identify the biggest culprit companies producing highly plasticised products which end up as trash.
  2. Accelerate the governments agenda to ban all disposable plastics and their commercial applications. To achieve this, social and people movements need to unite and organize powerful acts and exert the biggest pressure.
  3. Educate the population at a massive scale, launching programs that aim directly at youth to teach them how to start new Zero Waste habits and convince their parents.
  4. Inject funds into the Circular Economy companies and organizations that are working to help research and find new alternatives to the products we use today.
  5. Develop systems to clean up the mess. In particular to selectively detect plastic and retrieve it from the most difficult to attain parts.
  6. Develop effective online communication platforms that can attain the highest amount of people worldwide.

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