How new marketing works

So here is the thing, everybody needs money nowadays appart from a group of renegades who know quite a lot about surviving in the woods.

Somehow people want money and then go on to finding a job, well probably the company they will work for will need to do some marketing to sell their products.

Back in the medieval times, marketing was as simple as going to a market , like a physical one, with your pigs, poultry, veggies, and start shouting everyone claiming you had the best and most fresh products!

Nowadays if you are doing online marketing, shouting will certainly not work, even if you have your mic open and think someone is listening. Certainly, Alexa, Siri or Google will be listening if you speak to their devices, but people , not real people.

Today, if you want to market your product or service online, which is a good idea if you want to reach out to more people, then you need a marketing strategy and time .

Well, as I only want to help socially conscious entrepreneurs reach the highest amount of people I want to emphasize the need to do ethical marketing. This makes it even harder , as most marketing is blatant crap akin of a herd of cocks competing on which screams the loudest.

Then what can you do as a socially conscious and responsible entrepreneur who only wants to make a positive impact on the world while at the same time sustaining your life and family?

Its not as as simple as doing what everyone is doing, but being innovative and adaptive and alert . My special sauce is being original and at the same time conservative. How do you mix these two which could seem like trying to mix oil and water? Well , you don’t. What you do is combine them in an intelligent manner.

Conservative marketing requires gathering data and working on metrics . Measuring your data and doing graphics. This allows you to be data driven, only tailoring your budget, tactics to solid ground.
On the other hand, proactive originality means that you are also scouting for new trends , which are on the baby phase, in other words, that are starting now but may become big in the future. This is particularly important when you want to time your product of service to the new generational needs, cultural shifts, tech breakthroughs.

The second part of my strategy is based then on being proactively monitoring what is coming and selecting one possible trend which has the highest odds of becoming big. How to make the right choice? There is no best or right choice. Its a bet! But to bet with high confidence, I use my experience thinking outside the box , which I have gathered directly and indirectly in my past 20 years, away from marketing. Yes that’s right, AWAY from marketing.

The ability to be innovative depends on how you are able to create novelty out of pre-existing stuff. Combining different views, ideas, products and so on into a new thing that is different but inherits the attributes of the previous “parent” things or concepts. For many people this seems so difficult to do, for me its how I think, its in my DNA.

This is not something I created, I just inspire myself in with nature. Nature has this hard coded into its very meaning. Nature combines genes to create new possibilities, then tests them in the existing environment and then you have a “winner” species.

Marketing was similar to this until the coming of the internet, which allowed to gather data, even on real time, and see what your “new” thing was generating . Google , Facebook, and many others used this to grow and now this is considered the way of doing things. Of course there are many ways. Now with the immense competition on the online market, data gathering is a must have , but thinking out of the box and being “vanguard” will always be necessary to come out with new or semi-new solutions, products and stuff that “disrupts” the market and makes a difference.

Vanguard is that word that appeared as a way of expressing originality and the concept of new and disruptive art. But nowadays you need conservative , which would have been almost heresy for any vanguard artist allergic to anything that did not challenge the status quo. Combining these two aspects is a sure way of engaging with your niche nowadays and its for me my number one core pillar in marketing today.