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Vegan companies killing meat

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Animals are no longer things we can use for our pleasure. Ethics are winning the public today around the world More people are looking to animal wellbeing. These companies are leading the tech that will transform our daily menus radically.


The argument for why we need cell-based meat usually goes something like this: meat production has a devastating impact on the environment, besides, there are also significant public health concerns like food-borne illness, antibiotic use in meat, and other contaminants such as mercury and microplastic in our fish.

Wild Type can make lab grown fish feel and taste like real wild species. At least that is their goal, and I could not be happier about it.


BlueNalu’s mission is to be the global leader in cellular aquaculture™, providing consumers with great tasting, healthy, safe, and trusted seafood products that support the sustainability and diversity of our oceans.Furthernore, they are performing proprietary research in their own facilities, and partnering with universities and other research institutes in order to accomplish their long-term research objectives, and finally put an end to fish slaughtering.

Finless Foods

Finless Foods is a company with a mission: Bringing sustainable, delicious seafood to the world, without having to farm or harvest live fish from our precious oceans. To achive it, they use cutting-edge cellular-agriculture technologies to grow marine-animal cells, creating fish and seafood products enjoyed around the world. As a result, the world can enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood at affordable prices, without catching or farming the species on which they’re based.

perfect day

Enjoy the dairy foods we love without compromising on how they taste or our commitment to the environment.

They are creating a better way to make dairy protein – the same nutritious protein found in cow’s milk. And they’re doing it without the help of a single cow.

food frontier

Future-proof our food system by accelerating protein innovations that are better for people and the planet. Food Frontier solves some of the biggest threats to public health and sustainability by working across the Asia Pacific to accelerate growth in plant-based meat and cell-based meat


They create the best plant-made, chef-mastered delicacies you’ll ever taste. Good Catch brings you the rich flavors and flaky textures of fine seafood—from fish-free tuna and burgers to crab-free cakes—made with nutritious, sustainable ingredients. Their mission: to preserve the ocean’s natural resources while introducing awesomely delicious “seafood” choices that benefit you and the world. Nothing fishy about it.

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