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R. Puig
Conscious marketer and entrepreneur

Hey there! My journey has been anything but traditional. Picture a path full of unexpected twists and turns—that’s my life. A few years ago, I had a lightbulb moment: why not combine all my passions into one meaningful pursuit?

My love for tackling global challenges started with family hikes in the mountains and was supercharged by Jacques Cousteau’s predictions about the year 2000. That lit a fire in me to protect our planet.

I dove into a BSc in Molecular Biology, naturally drawn to solving problems. But I quickly realized how tightly science was linked to corporate interests. This wake-up call pushed me to step away from academia and explore various jobs. Along the way, I faced some tough times, including homelessness, which taught me a lot about empathy and resilience.

Now, I’m all about living an eco-friendly lifestyle. I practice minimalism, support the circular economy, and make conscious shopping choices. I also focus on personal finance to support sustainable living. My diet is plant-based, and I’m into pantry management, homesteading, organic gardening, hydroponics, mushroom cultivation, and food preservation.

I’m fascinated by eco-tech . Using solar panels, organic architecture, heat pumps, passive heat management, insulation, earthships water recycling are my jam excites me. I’m also into rewilding, creating habitats, planting trees, building nests, and making microponds and bee gardens. Plus, I’m exploring Web3 and common goods, diving into collectivism, DAOs, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies.

I like to call myself a “Jack of all trades.” My experiences—from living in my car to squatting in abandoned buildings—have given me unique perspectives. Now, I have a clear vision for my life. My mix of technical know-how, creative thinking, and diplomatic skills fuels my mission to make a positive impact.

I dream of a world where we’re driven by more than just profit, where integrity and harmony with nature are our top priorities. This vision keeps me inspired and excited about the future.

I dream of a world free from money driven corporations and from corrupt politicians, where citizens are united to a common selfless goal of living in harmony with nature and the Spirit.

Let’s connect and explore how we can create a sustainable and tech-savvy world together!

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